anxiety issues

“I had issues with IBS for years which was related to stress and anxiety. I was getting married soon and wanted to enjoy the wedding and not let the IBS beat me. I had a number of sessions of hypnotherapy with Louise which helped me to relax and stay calm .Now I feel in control and had a great wedding which was completely unaffected by my IBS . I would recommend anyone with similar issue to give it a try as it’s changed my life . ”

Fear of Flying

Having suffered most of my adult life , with a fear of flying, I wanted to find a solution to the weeks of anxiety that preceded travels. Before a flight I was unable to think coherently, function logically, or communicate with my wife. My sessions with Louise removed the negative pressures from my brain. The relaxation CD and her solution focussed approach have transformed my life. I now look forward to travel, enjoy the experience and function normally throughout. I have flown 8 times in the last year including a holiday to New Zealand and have loved every minute.
Thank you Louise for your skill and patience. I cannot recommend you and Hypnotherapy highly enough.

Panic Attacks

“I was stressed. I wasn’t sleeping. I was tired and having panic attacks. My blood sugar levels were all over the place because of the emotional turmoil I was going through. I saw Louise and after the first session I slept better than I had for months! Through hypnotherapy I started looking at things more positively, instead of worrying about what I couldn’t control! Louise was brilliant! She started the session by asking me what good things had happened during the week. Before we progressed to the hypnotherapy session Louise asked me to rate out of 10 how I felt and this made me evaluate how I felt about various aspects of my life. She then asked me what things would look like if it was a 10. This really helped me to think about how I wanted my life to be. I lead a very busy life and during the hypnotherapy session I felt completely mentally and physically relaxed but I would still remember things Louise said at night when I felt panicky and this would help me to get back to sleep. Louise often talked about my ‘stress bucket’ filling up and not emptying and I realise that before hypnotherapy my stress bucket was completely overflowing! I had a CD of Louise which I listened to every night and Louise’s calm and soothing approach helped me to deal with the difficulties of everyday life! Hypnotherapy with Louise was wonderful. Amid the rush and hurly burly of life that special time to concentrate on me is invaluable. I would recommend Louise unreservedly for any problems you wish to overcome.”


“I saw Louise Bolton-Jones as I had trouble sleeping. She suggested listening to the relaxing cd she gave me regularly (at bedtime) & combining that with hypnotherapy. I must say, it has worked a treat! I listen to the CD every night & Louise saw me every week. I now can fall asleep quite easily & more importantly, get a proper nights sleep, allowing me to function so much better the next day! Thank you Louise! (She comes highly recommended!)”


“I was recommended to see Louise Bolton-Jones & try hypnotherapy by a friend as I was suffering with lack of confidence & anger management, amongst other things. I immediately warmed to Louise & felt the hypnotherapy was doing me good. I see her every week & I can feel myself growing more confident & able to handle situations in a much calmer manner. I’m so glad I tried hypnotherapy as it has made such a positive difference to my life. I urge anyone to give it a go! Thank you Louise!”

Hospital Surgery

“Hypnotherapy was fantastic! When I needed to go into hospital I knew that hypnotherapy would really help me to come to terms with the terrifying situation I would be put in. I did not want this operation, but I had no choice. I had a few hypnotherapy sessions with Louise which helped me become less anxious then I had a session where I visualised the day of the operation being calm and going well. I started to feel much more positive about the whole experience and the day I went in it didn’t seem so scary! At the hospital there was lots and lots of waiting around but I remained calm and in control. Thinking of Louise’s words going down to the operating theatre I continued to feel very calm and peaceful. The operation went well. I came home two days after surgery and my recovery was very quick. I started walking a bit further every day and three weeks after surgery I went to a yoga class!”


“I went to see Louise seeking help with problems sleeping and migraines. I was initially a little sceptical and nervous but Louise put me at ease straight away and took time to explain what may have been causing the sleep problems and migraines. The improvements were quick and the sessions I’ve had have left me able to get to sleep so much more easily and to sleep more soundly so I wake up feeling fresh. The benefits have stayed with me and though I have no need to do so yet, I would have no hesitation in returning to Louise for help in the future and I have happily recommended her to many of my friends.”

Fear of Lifts

“I am a 71 year old woman and for as long as I can remember I have had a phobia about going in lifts. Usually I have coped by using stairs instead but as I got older 6 floors of stairs was becoming a bit of a nightmare. Together with this my husband is disabled and has to use a lift as he relies on a mobility scooter but the thought of accompanying him made me panic. I knew nothing about hypnotherapy until I met Louise Bolton Jones, so gave it a go. Through her remarkable skill and technique I felt completely relaxed and able to explore an incident in my childhood that probably contributed to my fear and panic. After three sessions with her I ventured into John Lewis and to my joy was able to travel up and down in the lift. I now have no problem whatsoever and wish I had met Louise years ago .I felt complete confidence in her and really looked forward to my sessions. I hope this will encourage people to contact her …why put up with a phobia which causes misery when a few sessions of hypnotherapy may alleviate a problem?”

Fear of Heights

“As long as I can remember, I have had a real fear of heights, and as a hill walker, and tourist to scenic places, I decided at the age of 60 to seek help to try to do something about it at long last. I was particularly prompted by a planned holiday to canyons of the United States, and a bucket list wish of my wife to do a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon – and not on her own, but with me! OK then Louise, see if you can improve that phobia, and get me to survive, and even enjoy, a helicopter flight!
I had a few hypnotherapy sessions with real signs of my heights phobia improving. The most impressive session from Louise revolved around my forthcoming helicopter flight, which she had researched, planned and personalised brilliantly. Of course, I didn’t really know how I would be until I stepped inside that little metal and glass bubble to fly at 170 mph at 400 feet, then proceed over the edge over a mile deep canyon! Well, it was absolutely fantastic – an experience of a lifetime, and one that I never thought I would be able to do. I loved every minute. A very big thank you Louise. Very well done to you and hypnotherapy.”

Feeling positive

“Hypnotherapy went way beyond my expectations, until discussions with Louise I realised that on top of my main concern, actually I was coping with other things that I hadn’t considered a problem……..even these were put right too. The positive feeling I got from hypnotherapy is almost palpable. I look forward to listening to my relaxation cd, it feels almost indulgent having relaxation time, something I have never had before.”