Smoking Cessation

Anti-Smoking: The New Scientist has reported on a recent study by the University of Iowa covering 72,000 smokers/ex-smokers from America and Europe.

It concluded that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking. “Sadly”, reported the New Scientist, “willpower counts for very little”. A smoker will have years of information built up in his memory store such as “I am a smoker”, “I can’t stop smoking”, “I have to smoke to alleviate stress”, “It gives me confidence”. These are subconscious responses when the subconscious has been faultily programmed.

Rationally we know that smoking is actually a major cause of mental and physical stress. We also know that we have much more control than we believe we have. Most of us give up when we go to bed, have an operation, go on aeroplanes, etc., etc. With the help of hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed, thereby enabling us to do whatever we consciously want to do.

Anti-Smoking Therapy is done in one session lasting around 1.5 – 2 hours and costs £110.


"Hi Louise. May I thank you not only for myself but also on behalf of my wife for the wonderful help you have given us both. I am feeling so much better since I first came to you, though it's still early days the difference in me is so amazing. Since she has been to see you for help in quitting the urge to smoke E Cigarettes there has been a big change in my wife which is all due to your help. As to my own feelings of inner anger this has subsided and I no longer get the tightness in my chest and can let go of any negative thoughts quite easily. I also can relax at a whim whenever I wish, which has been born out by my daughter who only today said since listening to your disc she has had several nights peaceful sleep. My phobia has still to be proved to have been disposed of but I am confident this will be the case and will let you know in the near future. As of the weight loss treatment, in the last two weeks I have been finding I do not eat EVERYTHING on my plate and that I stop when I start to feel full. This is such a fantastic feeling I don't really believe it's happening to me, yet it is. I can only thank you once again for my new lease of life."

A.R. Bristol


A.R. Bristol